“You will end up in Prison!” – APC Governor and Minister Insult each other

The animosity between the Oyo State Governor, Abiola
Ajimobi, and Minister of Communication, Barr. Adebayo
Shittu may not end anytime soon.
This is as both All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwarts
in Oyo state are both threatening to send each other to
“I want to say that if anybody is desperate in the Oyo
political firmament, it should be Governor Ajimobi, who
believes that if Barrister Shittu succeeds him, he will be in
jail. That is what he is reported to have always told people
who mentioned me to him.
“He thinks that I am too principled, firm, unbendable and
uncompromising when it comes to the issues of morality.
It is he who is desperate to stop me, not me being
desperate to become governor.
“The rules are clearly there and like somebody who
believes in the rule as a lawyer and man of law and order,

if I follow the rules to contest the primaries in a free, fair
and credible poll and did not win, I will take up something
“I am not desperate to become the governor of Oyo State.
It is the other way round because the governor is
desperate to stop me for whatever reason,” Shittu said
while interacting with reporters at the APC National
Secretariat in Abuja.
He added, “Why is he (Ajimobi) afraid of going to jail if
another Buhari like me comes to power in Oyo State? Why
is he afraid of primaries?”

But the governor responded in a statement through his
Special Adviser, Communication and Strategy, Mr. Bolaji
He said, “In any case, Shittu should be the one that should
be afraid of going to jail in view of many allegations made
against him as minister. Few of these are his alleged
illegally-acquired property in Ibadan and Abuja and
sudden unexplainable and stupendous wealth not
commensurate with his emoluments.
“In addition, his recent attempt to convert and appropriate
a parcel of land belonging to Saki community, which was
stoutly resisted by his own people, has shown his level of
greed, avarice and penchant for appropriating what does
not belong to him.
“Governor Ajimobi remains a distinguished senator of the
country who had successfully traversed the corporate
world and got to the peak of his career as the Managing
Director and Chief Executive of a multinational; a position
that requires a high degree of integrity, ability and
“All these attributes have reflected in the way he has
successfully managed the affairs of the state in the last
seven years, which has transformed the face and fortunes
of the state and had attracted unmatched number of
investors to the state.”

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