5 countries with free wifi


Guess what? Italy just rolled-out free Wi-Fi. You can now connect to numerous Wi-Fi spots across the country without any username or password. And you don’t have to pay any roaming data charges either—thanks to the newly launched app where you register once and gain free Internet access anywhere in Italy! While on the subject, here are few other countries with free Wi-Fi services.

France has a strong public Wi-Fi network, and tourists can access over 400 Wi-Fi hotspots at about 260 locations around Paris , including museums, parks and libraries. Other free Wi-Fi cities include Bordeaux, Marseille and Nice.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong offers several free Wi-Fi networks, especially at major tourist attraction centres, shopping malls, museums, gardens, food courts, etc. These come completely free most of the time or free till a specified time. Hong Kong International airport has free Wi-Fi access in almost all the seating and public areas across terminals, as do all public transport places and railways stations.

United Kingdom
UK features among the top five free Wi-Fi countries and offers thousands of free legal hotspots across many cities and towns, including tourist spots like National History Museum and London’s Imperial War Museum.

Singapore is the second country with the fastest Wi-Fi connectivity, and you will find government-enabled free Wi-Fi services at almost all tourist places. Under the aegis of Wireless@SG, they aim to equip all public places with free Wi-Fi through numerous hotspots.

At 30 Mbps, Lithuania has been ranked as the country with the fastest public Wi-Fi download speed. There are many free internet zones, especially in the city’s main streets, cafes, etc. The Vilnius International Airport has free Wi-Fi connection, and so do all major tourist areas like Cathedral Square, Theatre Square, Laisve Square, Gediminas Avenue and Vokiečių Street. Even the buses in Lithuania boast of free Wi-Fi.


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