Ipob Has Destroyed Nigeria,we Urge Int'l Consultants To Come To Our Rescue-lai Mohammed

Yesterday night I was checking on the tele stations perhaps I could see good news from the zoo but all I could see was this, that the federal government of Nigeria is engaging INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CONSULTANTS TO TACKLE THE ACTIVITIES OF IPOB, I was shocked that the government of APC and #TyrantBuhari could not offer solutions to the daily deaths in Nigeria by Fulani terrorists but are seriously spending millions of dollars to stop Nnamdi Kanu and his Eagle Army.

 Then I remembered one of the UPON THE WATCH BY prophet Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yehuda where he prophesied that Nigeria will empty there treasury just to stop IPOB but will fail woefully, I remembered in one of his broadcasts as he repeatedly will say and was rebroadcasted yesterday, our supreme leader will always tell us to get ready because it will be a rocky and rough road but in the end we will win and #Biafra will come.

He encouraged us to always tweet to world leaders, he promised to destroy Nigeria without shooting a gun, yesterday when I heard Lia Mohammed the information Minister appear before the senate committee and was crying how Great #IPOB destroyed the image of Nigeria before the international community and that it's necessary they engage international media consultants to tame the issue of Biafra, he went ahead to say how he involved CNN and other media outfits last year against IPOB then I am made to tighten my girdle, bracelets and ready for Super battle.

This is time to unleash the Nnamdi Kanu in us, we have to explode like Canon over charged with double cracks, we have come before death, imprisonment and intimidations yet remained more fearless and formidable,our leader is missing and we owe him to be fierce and fighting more like lions and lioness.

I hereby use this opportunity to call on our leaders at the DoS and our various media group leaders to initiate more and new strategies to fight this new challenges even as our freedom draws closer this year 2018. attention Emeka Gift, Somto Okonkwo, Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya, Carol Munday Onyebuchi Eze Sunibest Okafor Nkiruka Nistoran Amaka Ekwo Ibeh Gift Amarachi and so many others, it is time to conquer more mountains for the Lord Ezechukwuokike Abiama.
My name is Aguocha Chinwendum I am a disciple of Nnamdi Kanu a hardcore #Biafran an independent writer for the restoration of sovereign State of Biafra.
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