Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Photos from South Korea’s penis-themed park

At Haesindang Park, near the coastal village of Sinnam, South Korea, there is a penis-themed park which makes it look like they are having one grand old time.
Even though Haeshindang Park has been opened since 2007, it’s the first we’re hearing of it. And yes, this park is based all around the male wang.
But it’s who the park is dedicated to that makes this park that much more bizarre. Haeshindang Park was built after a story of a young virgin woman whose fisherman lover left her on a rock while he went out to sea. Then she drowned and her spirit can only be pleased by the sight of penis.
The sculpted sex organs come in all shapes and sizes, from dreamcatchers to a six foot penis cannon that rises and falls throughout the day.

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