Saturday, 25 November 2017


Regardless of whether it is a couple of irritating habits, getting too serious or being too sceptical, individuals tend to make it impossible to commit various types of errlifestyle ors when they begin dating another person. These defects can take things in the wrong way or destroy the relationship before you even endeavor to influence a story to out of it; committing a couple of errors or doing these things at a later stage in the relationship won’t be as terrible since an essential trust is set up at that point and you and your partner see each other at an alternate level.
Below are a few mistakes you should avoid making in new relationships:
1. THEY BECOME TOO AVAILABLE: This is one mistake people make and regret later for two reasons; one, their partner takes them for granted and secondly when you won’t have time because of your work or personal schedule, it may lead to arguments and constant fights.
2. THEY BROADCAST THEIR RELATIONSHIP: Some people are too desperate to reveal every detail of this new person in their life to everyone, even put it on social media, you hardly know the person and are not even sure if it will remain all rosy after a few months; take it easy before you become the news in town.
3. DON’T BE TOO MUCH, GIVE A LITTLE SPACE: Don’t meet every day and be on the phone or chat all the time, give space and time to each other; this infatuation stage fades away within a week or two because you are done with most of the talking and boredom creeps in, so don’t rush into things initially and take it slow to keep things interesting.
4. DON’T PUT OUT TOO EARLY: Unless it’s casual dating or you are keen on only hooking up, don’t let him get in your pants too soon; some guys judge you for it while some might peel off once they got what they aimed for and also, if you both are looking for a long-term relation, date the old school way for a while before you become rabbits when every time you meet, it’s all about s3x.
5. DON’T EXPECT THE WORLD FROM THEM: Don’t expect too much out of your partner right away, they have a life too and your insecurity, possessiveness or clingy nature will only push them away.
6. DON’T OVERLOAD THEM WITH TMI: Revealing too many details about yourself in the early stages of a relationship is a strict no-no even if it feels like a lifetime connection
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