Senator Abaribe is a coward and hypocrite,he plays politics with biafra struggle-Family writers



When this Senator suretied Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I restrained myself from joining our people to eulogise him. There is a pattern in our politicians that only time reveals: they all strive to be politically correct in the final analysis. This speech made by Abaribe in faraway US says it all. I am one person who is hardly wrong when it comes to issues surrounding our politicians. One of the numerous reasons I want us to desert this pernicious entity called Nigeria is that it corrupts everything found in it. In a saner clime, someone like Abaribe would be saintly, but certainly not in this wilderness called Nigeria. Let me delineate some of the points he made and demolish them all a fortiori (with stronger points).

I make no claim to being acquainted with this senator. The attention he receives from me today is a fallout of his courageous deed. The intention may have been ungodly, but we all know it takes uncommon hardihood to stand up for someone the State had justly or unjustly condemned. However, having seen the face behind the mask covering that deed, I beg to differ in my opinion about this man. Abaribe (I have dropped the senator part) clambered down the ladder of public opinion when he chose RESTRUCTURING. He descended lower when he went ahead to tell the world that Biafra will be landlocked because the South-South would not go with them. Hmm! Who is this man? What did he eat? Let me react to this stupid assertion briskly.

Abaribe's wild assertions are typical outpourings of an ignorant and callow person. This man, I dare say, has not visited the South-South to spend a week. He has the unalienable right to disagree with me on this, but I am hardly wrong. Assuming my claim were true, it would mean this man is a constituent of the set of nitwits. Yes, only dullards make claims devoid of knowledge. I am one person that has been burning my candle at both ends regarding the unity project. I am an authority in this matter. I work with very prominent, popular, and fantastically enlightened brothers and sisters here. We will not stomach this specious and damning report from a man who envisions the unreal. Abaribe should shut his politically deprave mouth and let those on ground do the talking. He is in no vantage position to legislate on our potential unity. How many bills has he moved in the "hallowed" (only God knows what is hallow about our horibund legislature) chambers? Was he elected to conjecture or make laws? When will Abaribe and his cohorts bury their heads in shame over the lawless entity Nigeria has become under their blind watch?

Abaribe said a homogeneous Biafra will be landlocked. Now, do you see that we elect fools to occupy positions that require thinkers? I did a work captioned "The Homogenous Biafra and the Landlock Concern". I think Abaribe should read that work and get updated. Biafra, whether homogenous or heterogenous, will never be landlocked! Assuming, though not conceding, that the Igbo go alone, I have made it crystal clear that Biafra will not be landlocked. The preponderance of several water bodies makes that fear an apparition. You have the Azumini River, the Imo River, River Niger et al all connected to the Atlantic Ocean, so whence cometh this fear? But is it not a shameful thing that a serving "senator" cannot think outside the box? His conclusion is n-sync with what the poor thinkers and unenlightened think. What a shameful thing! How can he who is neither innovative nor inventive make laws for us? Our lawmakers are glorified lawbreakers!

Going further, I noticed Abaribe did not spare the mishandlers of Nigeria's irredeemably bad economy for the numerous wrongs meted out to the East, but he glaringly was too politically careful to mention Biafra. Yes, when he finally did, it was to dismiss the agitation, preferring the spooky RESTRUCTURING in its stead. But was this man not in the chamber when the motion seeking restructuring was killed even before it was fully explicated? Was this man not there when the bill seeking compensation for the South-East Region was killed? He watched them die, but thinks they can be revived. Why are we still chained to this hell on earth called Nigeria? This is a place where supposed humans behave like the animals called Fulani. Abaribe's romance with these beasts has transformed him. If we do not work to leave this dungeon, more of us will become less and less human.

Abaribe has lost his Igboness. He is one of the reasons I always tell those that think we can get Biafra by meddling in the sordid waters of Nigerian politics that they should have a rethink. The Kurds in Iraq and Catalonians in Spain may have succeeded in using politics to get what they want. Nigeria does not practise that kind of politics where votes cast lead to votes counted. Votes develop wings and become birds in the sky in Nigeria. Some votes become ghosts and make their appearance where the powers that be interest lies. WE WILL LOSE OUR SOLIDARITY THE DAY WE STEP INTO THE MURKY WATERS OF THE WORST POLITICS IN THE WORLD. A country which president went on French Leave without supposed let or hindrance from Abaribe's Senate is indeed one where NOTHING CONVENTIONAL WORKS. Too bad that someone like Abaribe does not know. Too bad indeed!

Furthermore, our involvement in the corrupt politics in Nigeria will dampen our zest in another sense. Any candidate we choose will be dealt with. What Nigeria will do is to wait until the election is just a day or two away before coming up with concocted criminal charge[s] against him/her. Nigeria is too stuffy for anything that breathes. Why will Abaribe know when he wines and dines with the Devil? Can Abaribe, in honesty, justify the immoral billions of naira he has pocketed since he became senator? Does his constituency feel his representation in analogy to the seen and unseen money he has taken? But does Abaribe think he is a voice to be heard by the victims of his unjust representation? The struggle for self-determinism naturally targets politicians for compulsory retirement. Biafra restoration will bring about a novel social stratification where someone like Abaribe will become an ordinary person. Can my readers see why Abaribe is afraid, but speaks as if he is concerned?

Abaribe, like every other politician, is nervy about the popularity the arrowhead of this refined agitation has received. When this unsenatorial senator picked up the gauntlet to surety Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, his real intention was to partake in the glory. His involvement in the bail was not out of altruism; otherwise, how come he is against what the person he bailed is for? These people we call governors, senators, presidents etc are always against everything the people yearn for. For instance, power is what we all need, but do we have it? We all need free education and employment, but do we have them? We need good roads, portable water, healthy environments, high standard of living, good laws, and an egalitarian society; yet these are the things they ensure that we lack. WHO DO THEY REPRESENT? Certainly, not me! Maybe you.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu enjoys social and spiritual ecstasy because he represents the wishes of the people. The Biafra agitation will never die because it embodies everything we all miss in this oppressive, destructive, and divisive contraption we call Nigeria. Abaribe should bury his head in shame for not manning up to tell us that the identity of the occupant of Aso Rock is in doubt. He has abdicated his duty and chosen to work hard to disrupt the desire of the people he claims to represent. He is a dolt that speaks for his stomach and represents the those that kill us, rape our women, and exclude us from national matters. This man traveled to the States to carpet our agitation in preference for a restructuring that he watched die. God forbid! Biafra will never die. Abaribe will be alive to watch the South-East and South-South restore Biafra. He is one of those throwing spanner into our wheel. Our resoluteness and God Almighty will disappoint them all. We are whiter than white. We are God's children. Those who fail to talk about the genocide/pogrom we have experienced for years will taste it at the apropos time.

We shall work hard to leave this jungle for them. Abaribe and his co-travelers will replace us as victims of the Jihadist game of these uncircumcised Philistines from Futa Jallon. Our blood has flown from earth all the way to our Father in heaven. Vengeance is His and this is our time to leave. Abaribe is free to remain and restructure his mentality and consciousness. Can those that think politics is our leeway see that politics in Nigeria makes you a lesser being? What we do comes from God our Father. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the real prophet of our time. These conquered creatures that we call politicians were not bold enough to condemn the unlawful invasion of the East by the Fulani Army. We have the most docile and inept legislature in the world. Abaribe is not a lawmaker. What law has he made? The law that encourages the unprovoked militarisation of the East and South-South? The law that does not punish AREWA youths for threatening the Igbo? Abaribe is an idiot! Nonsense! I can stomach our enemy's excesses, but when a supposed brother becomes an enemy, I get violent. It is well with us all. Let Abaribe digest this piece and reply. There is much more where this came from. I am the Senator Nigeria never had. I will be anything in Biafra. I will remain the gadfly a la Socrates in Nigeria. Nigeria is a disease we must work hard to survive. All hail Biafra!

Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker, revolutionary writer, university tutor, and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in the coastal part of Biafraland.

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