As for those asking why Nnamdi kanu wasn't there during GEJ 'S or OBJ'S time but now.

Oh yes! He was actually arrested during OBJ'S time and was detained for 2 weeks in Abuja. When OBJ saw what was in the case and Kanu was someone you couldnt kill easily, he quietly freed Nnamdi Kanu behind close doors back to London. Which prompted OBJ to tell Buhari that the worst mistake he made was arresting Nnamdi kanu.

During GEJ 'S time he normally refer to GEJ as an 'imbecile' but GEJ choose to ignore him. His reason for calling him an imbecile was that he met GEJ behind close doors so that they can work together and strategically get Biafra but GEJ wanted ONE NIGERIA. He said it was One Nigeria that killed Nzeogwu, Azikiwe and a host of them.

Buhari as a tyrant thinking everything is done by force arrested him thinking arresting him will subdue his agitation not knowing that Kanu had gone so far into many organisations that Nigerian government couldn't kill him. That was where the problem started for Buhari as he began to seek for a 'Secret trial' when he ran out of option.

Kanu has sound education, Buhari doesn't which was why he acted rashly and even admitted on National TV that he won't release Nnamdi Kanu despite several court orders to release him unconditionally.

If he had done the needful then by releasing him, instead of continual detention I don't think Kanu’s rise would escalate this high. But as a typical Fulani man that hardly forgive, he wanted to have a pound of flesh which has devastatingly backfired and on the verge of drowning Nigeria as Pharaoh drown in the red sea with his warriors.

Fact is, Biafrans do not know who they have in Nnamdi Kanu. He's truly Ojukwu, Azikiwe and Nzeogwu rolled Into one according to FFK.

He's intellectually endowed. He's connected. He's everything you can think of when you describe a genuine freedom fighter. He's courageous and ready to die for Biafra to be achieved. That's why he's on par with Nelson Mandela and King Luther Jnr.

We must remember him in our prayers so that he wouldn't deviate from God's purpose.

Written by Henry Igwe Ogbudimkpa

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