Tuesday, 26 September 2017

We are afraid of giving ipob Biafra,they will become a threat to us in technology-UK

The Hausa-Fulani political cabal don't have a final say concerning the destiny of Nigeria because they only run Nigeria as errand boys on behalf of colonial Britain. It's the British that have a problem with Igbos and don't want them to go. They studied and understood the collective psychology of each Nigerian ethnic nationality. Harold Morday Douglas and Fredrick Lugard - two British colonial administrators of Nigeria - know the Igbos, as well as other Nigerian ethnic nationalities, very well. Both men, especially Harold Morday Douglas, had a hard time compelling Igbos to surrender to colonial white power. He found Igbos to be stubborn and rebellious people who threatened white power back then. This was the thinking of Harold Douglas and the general thinking of the British since they know Igbos very well dating back to colonial times. The British never forgot this and will never forget. This is perhaps the main reason why they supported the Nigerian government in 1967 against the Igbos to prevent Biafra restoration. The truth of the matter is that the British do not want the rise of a Black power in the world. This is the truth. They know Igbos to be rebellious, fearless, and intelligent and believe if they have a nation of their own, all these attributes when combined could challenge and possibly usurp Western imperialism. This is what I have discovered in my research, as a Yorubaman who supports Nnamdi Kanu's quest for Biafra restoration, which I believe will not only help Yorubas and other ethnic nationalities in breaking free from Nigeria and having a country of their own, but will also exacerbate more agitations all over Afrika and liberate the continent from Western imperialism. I will tell the truth as it is. The breakup of Nigeria will also help the Hausas who have been dominated and enslaved by the Fulanis for countless decades too. Britain is the obstacle stopping Biafra, not the Hausa-Fulani. The British are only using Hausa-Fulani for their own colonial and corporate interests. Without British support, there is nothing the Hausa-Fulani can do to stop Biafra from coming. Let's not forget what Napoleon Bonaparte of France said about the Haitians. Napoleon, in quote, said "my decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Dominque (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block for ever the march of the blacks in the world." You see. Napoleon said his concern was not only to stop Haitian progress, but to obstruct the progress of any Black power in the world. The British also share this ideology of Napoleon. Britain, France, and America don't want the rise of any Black power that will rival them and impede white supremacy in the world. They know Afrikans have great potential and aren't willing to take anything for granted. Just think about it. If one Black power rises, that Black power will help other Black countries in bondage become free and the West doesn't want that. When Mandela was jailed, the South Afrikan apartheid regime was a nuclear power (that's because whites ran the country), but when Mandela was released from prison and made the first Black president of South Afrika, Europe and America pressured the white political elites in South Afrika to destroy all the nuclear weapons in the country, which they did. Why do you think they did that? The reason is because the West didn't want South Afrika having a Black president controlling a nuclear arsenal. They felt Mandela could outmaneuver the white political elite by kicking them out the country and taking control of the nuclear arsenal and use it to threaten the West. They also feared Mandela might share technological knowhow on how to manufacture nuclear weapons with other Afrikan countries which would have been game over for the West. That scared the shit out of America and Europe. They didn't want that at all. Now, imagine if Igbos, whom the British know are one of the most intelligent Afrikans, have a country of their own. Imagine what they would mean. Imagine if Igbos whom the British know to be stubborn and rebellious have a country of their own. Imagine what that would mean. The British are thinking if they had a tough time controlling Igbos during colonial times, how would they be able to control them in this technological age if Biafra becomes a reality. The West, led by America finds North Korea, Iran, and Syria as nations which are stubborn, rebellious, and refuse to be controlled. They are unwilling to add to their problems by allowing an independent Biafra come to fruition. The British like the way their puppets, the Hausa-Fulani political elites, have managed to frustrate Biafra from coming and intend keeping things that way. This is why the British-controlled Nigerian government is stopping Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. It's all because the West does not want the rise of a Black power to topple global white supremacy and restore Black pride and glory in the world. This is the secret. It has nothing to do with tribal or religious sentiment or anything. It's all about stopping the rise of a Black power to further the preservation of white power and interests in the world. ......Adebisi David.
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