Saturday, 23 September 2017

Tyga and Twitter react to news of Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy, and guess what, it is Everything!

News broke Friday night that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, and Twitter is going wild!
But first, her ex boyfriend, Tyga, was ambushed by TMZ, and he had very little to say.
Tyga had, after the news broke, said on Snapchat that he’s the baby-daddy.
But asked by TMZ what he had to say about that, he said the news was fake.
Twitter users, on the other hand, are wilding out on the news.
From Travis Scott (the rumoured daddy) memes to cinderella GIFs and some Jenner shade, there seems to be no end to it.
See the tweets and video below:
Kylie Jenner is pregnant. My only concern is the distress kylie may suffer when her daughter has her original features & looks human 😔
Kylie jenner's lips becomes famous
Me: *Overlines my lips*

Kylie Jenner New makeup routine
Me: *Tries it*

Kylie Jenner must have really felt that ‘let me plant that seed inside ya’ line from Love Galore 🤕
me : i don't care about the jenner's or the kardashian's

tmz : BREAKING NEWS kylie jenner is pregnant!


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