Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Top 10 Most Paid Footballers in the world: Number 3 would shock you

Football is arguably the most lucrative career in the world in recent times and footballers who ply their trade in the sport have been rewarded immensely by the beautiful game.

Neymar's world-record transfer fee pushed us to the street to gather people's reactions and opinions on the mega move and when questions on what one can do to make such whopping amount was thrown out, expectedly there was nothing legitimate if not for corrupt politics, peddling of illegal drugs and crime according to the people.

The picture am trying to paint here is, football has gone way beyond what it used to be in the past. A whole lot of money is being pumped into the sport which makes it even bigger. It has changed the perception of so many parents who were indifferent with the career years back and now are open and even rooting for their daughters to play football.

Though Neymar's 222 million move to Paris Saint Germain placed him as the world's biggest transfer it still didn't make him the highest paid footballer in the world as someone has been seating tightly in that position for a while.

Without further ado, let's meet the Top 10 highest paid footballer in the world and uncover where Neymar is spotted on the list:

10. Axel Witsel  (Tianjin Quanjian)
£312,500 Per Week - £16.25 Million Per Year
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