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Tech QNA: Is it necessary to charge a new smartphone for 6 hrs

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Hey, Got my Tecno Camon c9 today morning.. salesman told me to charge the mobile first time for 6 hrs ... but within 2 hrs the battery was charged full .. i removed it in 3hrs.. is it necessary to charge it for 6 hrs.??
if so can i do it now???

ANSWERS 1: Mostly, IMO, it's a misconception we carried from the dumb phone days. Battery and charging tech was pretty mediocre at that time it was normal to charge a phone for lengthy periods. We, henceforth, carried the same mindset to the smartphone era. Admittedly, there are a couple of modern devices that take that long to charge. However, the insistence of plugging them in for that long is purely obligatory from the salesperson rather than essential. On the plus side, it's merely 'calibration-al', but you'll be fine when it's full, so there's no need to keep it plugged in and waste precious electricity.

ANSWER 2: Most batteries nowadays are Lithium-based (Ion/ Polymer) and do not need extended calibration.

At most extend past the full charge by 30 minutes for the first time, then always keep the charge between 60-90% (and especially avoid the charge level dropping below 30%) to keep the battery at its optimum voltage level and hence get it to last long before a replacement would be due.

ANSWER 3: I agree, the 6 hours is nonsense but i do know that the charging battery thing is not. I have heard from very reliable sources (people who work in service centres for brands that i won't mention) that charging the battery immediately after unboxing is very important and not debatable if you want that battery to last. Concerning the calibration you should make sure you charge the battery from close to 1% to 100% at least once a month. During the charging process don't use the phone or interrupt the charging process. At all. (Some of this stuff isn't practical unless you have quick charge). Using the phone while charging especially in doing demanding stuff is a sure way of damaging your battery.

ANSWER 4: I don't think so, on the same battery issue I bought a Lenovo ideapad 500 laptop and it came with a software the call battery conserver it stops the battery charging at 55 or 60 % for those people who keep their laptops plugged in for long periods, does this mean if you want your battery to stay for long you should charge it halfway.

so with this answers we can clearly agree that Charging Smartphones for 6hrs is Bulls**t

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