Monday, 25 September 2017

Please stop exposing our dirty deals with Nigeria-Britain secretly begs Ipob

They coming days and months shall be hot for the Nigeria evil government . IPOB is more determined now than ever . Below is the pictures of Biafrans and Kurdistan joins together in Calgary City Hall to call for a Referendum in Canada .

Is just a matter of time everybody will beg Biafrans to go as the British is begging for us to stop humiliating them by exposing the hidden truth about their roles and activities in Nigeria .
They have tried to jam our frequency to no avail, they wish to close it down but they dont have a valid and authentic reason to do that because we will drag them to court if they do. They are really not happy about the way things are going.we will keep pressing and pressing till they will have no option than to let us go, up biafra!!
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