Friday, 29 September 2017

Kanu played game of wits and intellectual supremacy with us,the intl communities are supporting Him-N/military

Smart Young Youths teaching Nigeria outdated military old men modern Intelligence.

Those that invaded Nnamdi Kanu's residence and those that proscribed IPOB and tag all Biafrans (IPOB) a terrorists thought they have won the war.

They never knew they have only fall into another big trap by intelligent Nnamdi Kanu.

* Nnamdi Kanu never misses his court case, his life now is no longer safe in Nigeria according to UN human right and UN have indicated interest to give him protection.

* Nnamdi is meant to appear in court soon but will not because the Nigeria Army are after his life as shown by invading his house.

* Nnamdi Kanu is now declared missing after the invading of his residence. Nigeria Army running sweat to produce him cos Nnamdi whereabouts remains unknown to anyone.

* Court has granted IPOB pleading that Army must produce him on the court date or all case about him will be dismissed. Cos you can't invade a man's house whose case is still pending in court and who is ever ready to appear in court as at when due.

* The international community is seriously looking into the issue for futher development and have got a great sympathy for the young man and his unarmed followers.
The nigerian military are now complaining and bickering, they never expected what they are seeing right now, the game is almost over for them.

Let every Bifrans remain calm and resolute. Abide by all laws for there's is a Great deal of intelligence being playing out.

Young Youths teaching Nigeria outdated military men modern Intelligence.
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