Monday, 18 September 2017

Electronic Arts to Own service like Netflix

Electronic Arts Wants To Have Its Own Netflix Like Service

Electronic Arts Wants To Have Its Own Netflix Like Service

Currently, Electronic Arts is one of the main pioneers in offering new services for games, it is something that is really very well in the segment and that we users need as well. Perhaps many have tried different EA services. For example, we have the exclusivity of the EA Access service, which is offered on Xbox One devices.

For its part, it is quite complete, as we will find a very wide digital library of games. For this, we only have to pay $5 per month. In addition, we have the opportunity to have early access to new launches by testing games, discounts, among other things.

As we see a complete service and surely if you have not tried it the day you do you will love it. However, we must point out that the company does not comply with such services, as according to news provided by Chris Evenden, the vice president of investor relations of EA explains: “It is inevitable that the world of video games move in the same way that the worlds of music and video have already moved.” These phrases give us a clear indication of what could be the next big move of the company.

Yes, Evenden refers to streaming services like Spotify or Netflix the most used currently. For the vice president, the future of video games is in the services of a monthly subscription. In addition, it would be a very new platform and that users will be able to access and thus break the barriers that exist today.

EA (Electronic Arts) is currently preparing for the next major revolution in streaming services, because video games will be lucky this time and, according to the market by the year 2020 we could have great advances and many platforms for streaming video games in full operation. In addition, Evenden wants to prepare properly for that moment and are already working on it.

So, what do you think about this extraordinary decision of EA (Electronic Arts)? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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