Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dare2selfie SEASON 6 #WEFIEbattle set to Begin, win cash Prizes when you join competition

Dare2selfie is set to host its Season 6 themed #WEFIEbattle. Within few months, the competition has gathered a whole lot of users due to its prizes accompanied with winning the contest and also the fact that it is a free contest to enter as at now. but what makes Dare2selfie unique?

Its is a selfie contest not just for its base, Nigeria but for the whole wide world. Contestants from outside the country(International) also peach in the contest. It is Transparency that it pays its winners cannot be argued with, its uniqueness and awesome website design makes voting fun and Pink.

Do not forget about the way they reply to queries and their awesome response. Dare2selfie is Bae. 
Not only does it give winners cash prize but also gives that every 2weeks. Rumors have it that they would even shorten the contest days. Smaller timing to win, more money to cash out.

In this season, contestants are expected to visit the website contest page and upload a #wefie. A picture taken with the front cam and containing 2 or more persons. The contest is also expected to reach a mass audience this time around as not only one person or contestant would be sharing the pictures but would also receive help from all other friends in the picture.

How to Participate
2. Click on Enter the current contest which can be found when you scroll down
3. Upload your correct details and your wefie Picture
4. Start sharing immediately the contest starts.
5. Win and cash out your Money.

So what are you waiting for? visit right away
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