Thursday, 21 September 2017

BACK THEN: TOP 10 Rules of Childhood African Street Football (page 3)

4. You Can’t Substitute The Owner Of The Ball

The owner of the ball was the captain, the manager, the boss, the referee, and the FIFA ambassador on the pitch. You couldn’t send him off-pitch, unless you guys had another ball. You send him out; he takes the ball and leaves; end of the game, end of the tournament; as he may never want to come back.

3. You Will Always Go And Call The Owner Of The Ball At His House

There were no texting, inboxing, DMing, nor phone calling. You need to play, you go find the ball owner. Now if he is sleeping, or eating, or just busy, you wait until he comes. If he doesn’t feel like coming, and he doesn’t trust you enough to lend you the ball, even if it maybe an organized game, there is no game that day; no discussion.

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