BACK THEN: TOP 10 Rules of Childhood African Street Football (page 2)

7. The Best Players Are Always Selected First

Before any game starts, the transfer window was to be open. Breaking a record transfer fee was to be selected first. However, even if you were a Ronaldinho back then, and had issues with the ball owner, the transfer window was closed for you.

6. You Were Allowed To Change Goal Keeper

There were some multi-talented players; players who were best on each and every position. So you would be a forward, but asked to be a temporary goal keeper in case there is a penalty; and then come back to your position; Crazy!!

5. If You Played Heavy Shots The Ball Owner Would Warn You

The ball owner was keen on his cherished ball; everyone was supposed to be careful with how and where he directs the ball. Heavy shots would attain a nail or thorn, and hence break the ball. So the ball owner had to warn anyone who tries long range goals or any heavy shot.

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