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BACK THEN: TOP 10 Rules of Childhood African Street Football

BACK THEN: TOP 10 Rules of Childhood African Street Football

With an exception of those who were lucky enough to attend some football academies, the rest who mainly played in Street Football or hired some playing grounds on special occasions (for free), Rules of Football back then where crazy. Scroll down, and add some memories if you recall them.

10. The Fat Kid Is Always The No. 5 Or Keeper 

I can recall this one. Fat kids were considered to be stronger (best choice for defense), less quick (bad choice for attacking), and fat enough to fill the goal (best choice for keeper). Due to the concepts, even forwards feared fat kids on their way to score goals.

9. The Ball Owner Selects Players To Play

Let’s make this clear; the ball owner was the KING on the pitch, as there could be like only two balls in the whole village. If you had some differences with the owner of the ball, no claims, you would never play. To play, you would go be friends with another ball owner in the same or other village.

8. The Ball Owner Can End The Match At Anytime

As the ball owner was the king, no one was allowed to trick him or make tackles with him; anytime, anyhow, he would pick up his ball and go home; and that would be the end. To make this clean; if he shouted for the ball and you refused to assist him with a pass, he had rights to send you off-pitch.

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