Arsenal Wenger Predicts Transfer Shake-Up


Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is predicting a major shake-up to the transfer market in the next year.

The Arsenal boss has already suggested in recent weeks that UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations should be overhauled, as he thinks they are too easy to bypass. Paris Saint-Germain more than doubled the world record transfer fee when they signed Neymar from Barcelona last month and Premier League spending in the summer window reached almost £1.5billion. German chancellor Angela Merkel called for football's administrators to act on the spiralling fees earlier this month, and Wenger said that the rules regarding transfers should be tightened or scrapped altogether. Asked if football would ever witness the death of the transfer fee, the Frenchman said: "Something will happen. It is for the first time that, politically, the German prime minister came out. "I think politically something will happen in the next 12 months to regulate and limit the transfer amount. "You have to go one of two ways - regulate it properly or leave it completely open. But you cannot be in between - that is where we are at the moment. "That is only to the advantage of some clubs who can deal with rules in a legal way. The regulation has to be stricter and clearer, or open it completely: you can do what you want provided you can guarantee you have the money to pay. "At the moment, we are a bit in between and that does not work."


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