American rapper Drake reportedly dating beautiful Canadian actress Bria Vinaite


Rapper, Drake seems to have finally found a woman for himself, after having been linked to some of the hottest singers, actresses, and models in the world.
The ladies man has reportedly started a relationship with Bria Vinaite, a fast rising Canadian actress.
On Monday night, Drizzy reportedly took Vinaite out for an intimate dinner at restaurant Sotto, which is located in his hometown of Toronto.

The pair who chilled at the restaurant until early Tuesday morning were spotted looking pretty cozy in the restaurant, an eyewitness also said, "It definitely looked like a date, and they left the restaurant at 2:30 a.m. hand in hand."
To fuel the rumor, Drake shared her movie promo photo on Instagram to support the young actress, who recently landed her first role in the movie 'The Florida Project'. The Canadian rapper even went as far as praising the movie as “the best movie you will see this year.”

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