Meet south suda hushpuppi, worth over 10million dollars


Here is a vial video that shows a South Sudanese man, who calls himself a billionaire socialite, and he rolls on his bed covered with wads of cash, he claims is over a million dollars, $100 bills each.

In the 8-minute video posted on Facebook, Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jnr who many have described online as South Sudan’s ‘HushPuppi‘ talks about how he is donating the money to a church in Kenya and he says he is also giving money to the Red Cross in Kenya an South Sudan.

Malong, who is also known as the Young Tycoon, does not talk about how he made the money, but is heard complaining that people criticize him for showing off about his wealth but fail to mention his charitable donations.

He says there is nothing wrong with talking about wealth and cites US President Donald Trump as someone who is not embarrassed about how much money he has. “I’m like Donald Trump,” he says.

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