Top 13 Reasons Why Students Should Blog


Top 13 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

I Was facebooking when i stumbled on a Post about students blogging. I realized that truth be told, blogging is not only about the money it brings but there are also some other positive effects that blogging will impact on a student. some are listed below;

1. Investment of Time: Having a blog is an investment of your time and it will change things
drastically for you.

2. Source of Money: Looking for money to pay some of your bills in school? Starting a blog to make money will help.

3. Written Words advancements: Blogging helps you to improve on your writing.

4. High rate of being Popular: As a blogger, you become very popular in your class, school, and may even become known worldwide.

5. Source of Job: With the trend of unemployment, starting a blog as a student will make it very easy for you to go professional after school.

6. Passion for writing: Blogging boosts your passion for writing

7. Self-confidence: It will boost your confidence exponentially

8. Vocabulary developments: It makes it very easy for you to answer comprehension and summary questions

9. Favors from prospects: Blogging makes it easier for you to convince your friends and lecturers to get favor.

10. Brand Ownership: You become an authority.

11. Additives for a resume: You can add it as your job experience in your CV or resume.

12. References: Your posts are permanently stored and can be accesse
d anytime.

13. Perfect writing Machine: It helps you to write a perfect report as a student 

Credits: Ubochi samuel

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