Following the alarm raised by a political heavyweight of the Niger Delta region, Mr. Edwin Clark, over a letter expressing unease and impatience with Nigeria's Federal Government’s stated delay in facilitating engagement, the NIGER DELTA Revolutionary Crusaders (NDRC), one of the militant groups that wrote the Pan-Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) led by Clark, has announced that it will commence fresh attacks on oil facilities across the Niger Delta on “September 31 (sic), 2017”.

This development is coming at a time when the intense debate over restructuring is enveloping the country, with groups from the different regions engaged in heated exchanges especially around the is

sue of fiscal autonomy.

It is also emerging against the backdrop of a fierce agitation for secession, championed by Biafra-supporting groups like Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by the divisive Nnamdi Kanu, but which is now gaining traction in other parts of the country, as pan-Yoruba groups have also recently called for the establishment of Oduduwa Republic, while a Southern Kaduna group has pitched tent with IPOB.

This cloud of uncertainty and anxiety was further darkened, many argue, by the National Assembly, as it failed to address restructuring in the just-concluded constitution review process.

The NDRC made the recent disclosure via a viral video that has sent shockwaves to various political classes in the West African country.

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